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mohawkadam's Journal

18 March 1965
10cc, 9:30 club, a different drum, afi, akira kurosawa, alfred hitchcock, alphaville, and one, anime, apoptygma berzerk, backstreet boys, bad brains, bad religion, bim skala bim, black flag, bollywood, british comedy, broadway, cabaret, cats, celtic, celtic music, city of lost children, club heaven and hell, clubs, coheed & cambria, coil, collide, colony 5, cooking, covenant, crack the sky, danny elfman, das ich, david bowie, david lynch, de/vision, deine lakaien, depeche mode, dischord, dresden dolls, dropkick murphys, dupont circle, dwight yoakum, echo and the bunnymen, ego likeness, elton john, elvis costello, elvis presley, evils toy, flogging molly, foetus, football, foreign films, frank sinatra, frank zappa, gwar, hellcat records, hindi music, horrorpops, husker du, ike willis, iris, japan, jesus christ superstar, jethro tull, jimi hendrix, john waters, johnny marr, julian cope, ladytron, laibach, leætherstrip, liverpool, madness, maurice chevalier, melotron, mesh, middle-eastern music, mike patton, minor threat, moody blues, morrissey, mr. bungle, muppets, namnambulu, nation, neil diamond, nekromantix, new model army, nick cave, nofx, oingo boingo, opera, oscar wilde, patsy cline, peter gabriel, project pitchfork, psychedelia, psychobilly, public enemy, punk rock, rockabilly, rush, sexxxy industrial djs, silent movies, simon and garfunkel, siouxsie and the banshees, ska, skiing, skinny puppy, split enz, steven sondheim, sweeney todd, synthpop, teardrop explodes, thai food, the buzzcocks, the chameleons, the clash, the coral, the cramps, the damned, the doors, the jam, the misfits, the pogues, the ramones, the smiths, the specials, the stranglers, the used, theatre, thunderstorms, tiger army, tim burton, tom waits, tool, twin peaks, vnv nation, washington dc, washington redskins, william shakespeare, xtc